This blog, is about software developers and some of the challenges they face, either being technical, social, office politics or even psychology.

Since, I coach a lot of people on a daily basis, I’ll try to add some of the more frequent tips and tricks here, and also maybe tackle some more deep specific things.

Although, this is a technical blog, I will go into a lot of soft skills, and other things around the whole concept of software development.

Now, about me… I’m a software guy, currently a Application Architect recovering senior engineer, I personally don’t love the coding in it self, I’m here for solving problems, for making things work, and for making people enjoying their days, both looking at developer satisfaction and also end user experience.

I started as a designer during the college years, than moved to some coding using flash and action script and then went down the rabbit hole. I’ve worked full stack in several technologies, starting with PHP ( cake, code igniter, laravel ), .Net ( winforms, Webservices, WCF, ASP.NET MVC, Service Stack, NancyFx ) also with JS in the form of frontend ( jQ, backbone + marionette, knockout ( + knockback JS ), ember , angular ( old and new), react ( with redux of course 🙂 ) and also on backend in the form of Node ( mostly express, but also Sails, some happy, some seneca and moleculer js.

Lately I’m more into the .net core, spending most of the time building, looking on the latest emergent trends, mostly serverless. I am a big fan of DDD, ES and always advocate for composition and orchestration over control. I am not a huge fan of the current version of the distributed monolith ( aka what most people call micro services ).

Quotes I agree with:

If you can’t explain it to a 5 year old, you probably don’t really understand it.

Someone on the internet

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Leonardo Da Vinci

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

Albert Einstein

Also, I live in Bucharest, Romania, so if you are around drop me a line and will go for a beer / coffee, or whatever is you cup of tea, and yes the country really is shaped like a fish.