Building a serverless “Shopping Cart” microservice using Azure Functions and Durable Entities with c# [Tutorial]

We will be building a fully functional "microservice" that will be able to add, remove and return a list of products. For this example we will model the the way this microservice will be consumed will be done via REST. Get you coding hat on, we are about to start.

Dynamically select orchestrators in Azure Durable Functions

This is one of the awesome things that I think can be done in functions, which also enables us to build lot of very interesting mechanics, it's not that complicated to pull of, but the results of using this technique might lead to very impressive outcomes. This is part of a mini-series where we want… Continue reading Dynamically select orchestrators in Azure Durable Functions

The story on how I discovered, fell in love and abandoned Event Sourcing

Well, yeah ... quite the title here, for quite the story. To be honest, I discovered and used Event sourcing way before it was called event sourcing, and way before it was cool, or at least at that time, I had no idea that this will become such a hot topic. It all happened about… Continue reading The story on how I discovered, fell in love and abandoned Event Sourcing

Inject configuration values in Azure Functions

One of the most important updates to the Azure function framework was the addition of the DI support. One of the use-cases for having a DI is to read and use "feature flags" in the form of configuration values/environment variables. So for the big question, how do we go from here (local.appsettings.json / env variables):… Continue reading Inject configuration values in Azure Functions